We’ve over twenty years experience treating back, neck, sacroiliac and joint pain, and the only constant is that nobody is immune. Back pain, for example, affects four out of every five adults. Worse still, 60% of these adults are still in pain one year after their first episode of injury. But this is where things vary, because how you deal with your recovery from an injury and how you decide to manage your pain is everything.

Pain might be the first thing that’s running through your mind as you read this, and it’s true, reducing pain is a key part in what we do. That said, our physiotherapy is more than just pain relief – we’re committed to supporting you into a healthier, more active and independent life.

How? By developing rehab strategies that give you back some control over your condition. Not through toughness or increased pain tolerance as so often is your untrained response, but with treatment that allows you to manage your pain in the long term and drastically reduce its affect in the short term. It might require manual therapy, acupuncture, exercise prescription, massage or soft-tissue release, some body alignment correction or perhaps even treatment from another area of our expertise. Which is what really matters here – you are different. Every case is.

Obviously we’ll need to see you to find out what’s wrong, but that’s the easy part. Give us a call or get in touch by clicking the “Email Us” button at the top of the page, and we’ll start getting you thinking about something other than pain.

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